Posted by on 8. June 2016

Hey Guys,

ever wondered if you have the right MINDSET to succeed in network marketing? Having the right mindset in network marketing – and in fact in life – will make all the difference to make it big or having to settle for mediocrity!

Let’s be totally honest here. As with any business really, building a network marketing business is nothing different. You will face negativity, rejection, bad excuses as well as plain frustration. But on the other side you will be cherished with the most amazing friendships, a lifestyle you have never dreamt of and most certainly rewards you could have never imagined.

Walking the talk every single day I figured you might want to hear my main ideas that helped me in the beginning to keep my mindset positive.

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In order to be great, you must be grateful!

Every Day I am grateful for all the people I don’t know yet and whom I will become friends on the way. For my health and well being and for my healthy body. I would even argue, that gratitude is one of the most powerful tools of having a successful business. When you are grateful for what you already have, then more greatness is coming your way! PROMISE!


Kill that inner voice telling you, you can not do it! Negative thoughts are holding you back! I am sure you have heard about this following quote, of  Tony Robbins – one of the greatest mentors there is of me: “Things are only impossible until somebody does what another believes can’t be done.”

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To be successful in network marketing I highly recommend you to learn from the best but do your own thing! There is only one YOU! You are unique, special, amazing, awesome and there is no one out there who could be you!!! Always stay authentic and people will love you!


How many times do you think every great leader thought about quitting? Me myself I tought about quitting many times! Just know, it’s completely normal! However, know when the going gets tough, WHY you are doing this, because then QUITTING is NO OPTION! Keep going, regardless of how slow it might seem in the beginning and remember PERSISTENCE is KEY.


Seriously? Yep, seriously!! You can not imagine what an impact my daily affirmations had in my life and still have. Just try it out! What have you got to loose? This is not only about your business but mainly about improving your life and health.


Oh yeah, I can hear you .. thinking she must be nuts! Well, as long as you are prepared of what might come your way it is only a matter on how to react to it. If you seriously think there won’t be any challenges… well then I have to just plainly disappoint you. And let me tell you that the challenges will grow with your success – which is great! Just keep growing and remember if you stop growing – you are dying.

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