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Sounds too good to be true? That’s what I tought too!

Are you a Chocolate-Maniac like me? Since I have turned my eating habits around my chocolate consumption has downsized to a minimum. Milk Chocolate of course isn’t an option any more and to be honest, I don’t even like it that much any more. On the other hand the 70% Chocolate bars out there haven’t really gotten me into a hype. I mean they just don’t taste that great. So for a couple of years now I have been treating myself with amazing chocolate cakes and ice cream instead of the bars. -Until I found out about this amazing alternative our company is about to launch.

The first time I tried that product I went totally crazy about it. It tastes AMAZING! So I had to dig into the whole subject about chocolate and superfood. I am still blown away with all I’ve learned so far and I can not wait to share with you! Ready?

For the great civilizations of Central America cacao was a food of the gods. The bean was ground and made into a chocolate drink. Served to Kings in golden cups and prepared each day by the Mayans, Aztecs, Olmecs and Incas, the ancients knew of its power to rejuvenate and restored. – So far so good, right? Although you got to admit – the old just new about the power of our food on this planet!

Through my research I found that even Spanish conquistadors wrote down 1400 medicinal uses of cocoa (Florentine Codex). It was known for a lot of health benefits and science is only recently catching up with what they’ve known for thousands of years.

So what’s the magic behind Raw Cocao?


Flavonoids are occurring compounds that are widely distributed in plants and in plant-based foods and beverages. They appear to have a functional role in the living plants by assisting in wound repair and providing protection against pests and diseases.  In recent years scientist have established that regular consumption of flavonoid-rich foods reduce the risk of chronic illnesses. Something hit me right there! How many people do you know who could use this? And the benefits keep coming your way with another great source of Theobromine.


Theobromine is a bitter alcaloid of the cocoa bean and has diuretic, stimulant and relaxing effects. It can lower the blood pressure and has stimulant properties similar to caffein – BUT does not effect the central nervous system.

What’s the difference between Cocoa and Cacao?

food of the gods cocoa

Ok, so let’s recap. You are still with me so must be into superfoods and want to find out where you could get a 100% ORGANIC, RAW, HEALTHY,  GLUTENFREE, SOYFREE delicious drink, right?

All this combined offers: KetoBru. KetoBru provides all natural, healthy and long-lasting energy without the negative effects of stimulants found another drinks. KetoBru is made with the most flavorful and aromatic cocoa beans so you, too, will find yourself enchanted by it’s unbelievable taste and energizing effects.

ketobru pouch

Theobromine gives you a holistic high. You feel focused energized and on top of the world. Cocoa increases productivity and general performance via high levels of theobromine.

KetoBru is a single ingredient and raw, organically-grown and it’s cocoa beans are lightly roasted and delicately ground. With KetoBru the whole bean – shell, nibs, and butter – remain in ground form!

Just as with coffee or tea, you can add creamer or sweeteners at your option to suit your specific taste preferences. KetoBru is a great energy source for you if you feel tired, burned out, need a coffee – and/or a break, are pregnant, breast feeding, or would like to offer your kids a healthy chococlate alternative!

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