How to recharge to go BIG

Posted by on 4. August 2016

Hey Guys,

I just came back from this beautiful island of Paros, in Greece. Oh what can I say.. it was just stunning, overwhelming beauty and very interesting all together. Going all by myself, and let me tell you that was a different experience after more or less 10 years of traveling as a couple, was really fun. I made lots of new friends from all around the world. After all we are in the relationship business, right? I love going to different countries, getting to know the culture as good as I can, dive into their local foods, get into conversations with locals and just everything in while I am there.

Having time to unwind and being able to recharge your batteries is so important! We do forget that in our daily busy lives, don’t we? Being able to just “unplug” for a couple days and reflect on your goals and your achievements is so important in order to redirect your way. When was the last time you totally let go, unplugged? In times like these where we are constantly online and hardly ever go offline or unplug this is so important. For me those couple of days where healing as well as necessary to recharge my batteries. After only 2 days all those ideas on how to grow bigger and how to train my team even better came flushing in on a constant basis! I am totally fired up and got back into beast mode already after touching ground back in Austria.

What is my reward, what did I learn from this?

It is so important to unwind from time to time, to take some off time during the day. It doesn’t always have to be a whole week! Just try to unwind during the day, unplug in nature, go for a walk without your phone plugged in. Just try it! It does do the trick! Every time I take ¬†our dog Lilly for a walk now I promised myself to leave my phone at home and be unplugged for one hour a day. Sounds huge, right? But hey if we do not recharge our batteries on a constant basis we burn out.

And what do we have to give if we do not have any energy, any power, any inspiration to share??

Wishing you all time to unplug and go BIG!



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