Day 2 of the reset and why I almost quit the first day

Posted by on 8. August 2016

Hey Guys,

yesterday was full of ups and downs. If this would have been my first time detoxing I probably would have quit. First of all it was a really hot day in Vienna and everywhere you went people would pass you by with a big grin on their face – eating the most delicious ice cream, including my boyfriend. Who could blame him, right? So I figured no big deal and had a 100% real rich chocolate KETOBRÜ ice cream which is high on MCT’s and low on calories. It was great.. but then.. in the middle of the afternoon detoxification hit me..

Have you ever heard about the organ clock? It’s based on the chinese medicine and each organ has it’s time to detox and clean. So for instance if you wake up every night around a certain time or fell ill at the same time at the day, then those symptoms are telling you something about your organs. There is a lot more to it as i could possibly explain ( I am not a TCM expert, neither a practitioner, just really into a healthy holisitc lifestyle) right here and right now. Let’s just go into one example – our liver, since it is THE Detox ORGAN and it doesn’t really show any symptoms if it is acidic. – I know very well from personally experience, believe me. There are lots of ways to support your liver and one of the easiest ways is to put one of our amazing FGXpress Powerstrips on. It helps your liver to detox in combination with lots of water that you should be drinking throughout your 10 DAY RESET program. As a matter of fact you should drink have your body weight in ounces per day!

Yesterday was my first day of the 10 Day Reset Program and i felt freaking amazing around noon. For Breakfast I had a delicious Vanilla and Coconut Shake and for lunch High Protein Chocolate Pancakes with peanut butter. I was able to move mountains – for real! I had so much energy, motivation, totally clarity and then… well then, as mentioned earlier “something” hit me and I got tired, exhausted, grumpy, had a really low energy level and wasn’t in the mood for doing anything on a perfect Sunday. I had a  whole bottle of salted water (Himalayan Salt) and a good nap and around 5:00 pm was ready to go again. For Dinner I chose a grilled salom with leek quiche. What I came to realize the last 2 days is the following –  I am really full and haven’t been hungry at all day. Meals are easy to cook for the 10 day reset there is even a recipe guide going along with it telling you what to snack if you do get hungry. At the moment this is really hard to imagine.

Overall I can tell you this 10 day reset program is fun and i am positive it will work for me too, since we have already had thousends of positive experiences in the US.

Needless to say this program is not AVAILABLE in Europe, only in the US, CAN, Australia, NZ, and some parts of Russia. If you are located in one of the countries listed above and would like to find out more about it  just get in touch with me. I am more then happy to help you achieve your goals too!

STay tuned for more information about the program!

Have a great Day!