Posted by on 11. August 2016

Hey Guys,

we are on a huge 90 Day Run with our Team and whenever you bring new people in – what is their greatest fear? Right, the fear to talk to their friends and family about the business opportunity, how to say it, when to say and so forth.

Guess what I keep teaching my team and new team members in particular?

Don’t worry – you NEED TO SUCK in the beginning in order to be great!

For real? Yeahhh! It is so important to take their pressure of in the first 72 hours of their start to succeed!

The main questions when starting your marketing business are probably the following:

  • How to get profitable in network marketing?
  • How do I get my money back for the starter kit?
  • How can I make this work for me?
  • How and where do I start?

With every business you start, doesn’t matter if you open a new traditional business like spa or hairdresser saloon or a network marketing business. You go to your closet friends and family and ask them to buy your products, right? So why would you even consider not asking your family and closest friends for help? 

So you ask them to try and use your product. And if they like it, which in most of the cases will happen – well then you got your first customers and your story to tell. Nobody goes out there without a story. So this is how you get your story in the first 72 hours you have joined your business. AND you get your money back that you have invested! Some of your friends won’t like the product – that is OK too!  Don’t buy it again! That’s how all products work! Customers are required to try products. Advertisers spend millions of dollars to build a brand and a story around a products so we end up buying them in the store.

So once you have your first customers, go out and start recruiting! The initial customer base is from your network! Network Marketing is about marketing the products to your network, and you when you are first starting out your most forgiving network are … guess who? Are the people who know you best, your family and friends. And your sister, your mum, your best friend are probably not the people you want to start your business with either in the beginning. It is ok – if they don’t want to join your business in the beginning and make fun of you.

The people that know you not quite as well are the people you want to do business with. After those first 72 hours where you have spoken to your family and friends, you will be able to tell your story. You will tell them very honestly that you’ve seen a business and you decided to get involved and you have only been in there for 3 days. But since you have gotten involved, you have talked to your close friends and family and so and so many bought your product, tried your product, or letting you know what the results are in a couple of days. –And by the way that has gotten me my money back so I am even now. And the next thing i learned and what my couch told me to do was to talk to the sharpest, brightest people I know and see if they where interested in changing their life with a business opportunity. And beyond that I can not tell you much.. but let me put you on an information system. Let me get you on with my mentors, coaches who are helping me to change my life right now and let them explain to you what this is all about.

NOBODY expects you to know everything in your business the first couple of days, weeks! So don’t expect it from yourself. You need to suck at it before you become average and suck in it before you become great!

You DO NOT need a script to talk to your mum about the product, you don’t need a script to talk to your best friend and ask her to support you by buying the product of you. Again you are supposed to suck at those first conversation. And guess what? Wouldn’t you feel a hell of a lot better knowing this right from the beginning? Apart from being able to break even in  a positive format and it will build your confidence on a huge level!

Once you have done that, you can immediately teach that to your team, your new people who are joining you. Did you know, that 80% of the people joining our industry are brought in by brand new people? This is something everybody can do within the first 72 hours and it is so much fun! You don’t need your upline to help you with this, you don’t even need a script! You are supposed to suck at this! The often you repeat it the better you will get. It is all about repetition and duplication in network marketing! Once you have done it – you can do it again. And nobody can tell you that you can not do it!

You will have believe in yourself and the product and that is the main thing in the beginning.

With that I wish you major success and lots of FUN!



p.s. If you found this useful for you or your team, feel free to share!